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Collective exhibition, COSMIC collective,CarCaSse, Ateliers Rhême, Marseille, France                          July16th - 19th 2021

Collective exhibition, COSMIC collective, Épagôgè, Rivoli 59, Paris, France                             November 21th - 30th 2019

Solo exhibition, Xom Bac Cau Art Center, Hanoi, Vietnam.                                                       April 28th - May 1st 2019

Collective exhibition, 50 nuances de Rose, Rivoli 59, Paris, France                                          November 15th - 24th 2018

Collective exhibition, COSMIC collective, Subsurfaces, L'Amiral, Sceaux, France                          September 26 - 30th 2018

Collective exhibition, COSMIC collective, Celestial Vagabonds, MagacinBelgrade, France.                 August16 -18th 2018

Collective exhibition, La Planète des Songes festival, Colombes.                                                        June 15 - 17th 2018

Collective exhibition, X 3ème édition, Inattendue galerie, Paris, France                                               June 7th - 11th 2018

Collective exhibition, COSMIC collective, Digital Phantasmagoria, Le Cornichon Volant, Romainville, France

                                                                                                                                18th May - 20th May 2018

Collective exhibition, Jeunes artistes, galerie Art'Course, Strasbourg, France                                   January 2nd - 27th 2018

Collective exhibition, COSMIC collective, Voyage en dystopie chamanique, La Capela, Paris, France

                                                                                                                                   December 7th - 9th 2017

Collective exhibition, BIOS collective, Montrouge, France                                                        Oct 11th - Oct 31st  2017

Collective exhibition, 404 NOT FOUND, La Taverne Gutenberg, Lyon, France                              June 29th - July 23th 2017

Solo exhibition, Internal Paths, Sydney, Australia                                                                         May 24th - 31st 2017

Collective exhibition, Post-Mortem, Open Bach gallery, Paris, France                                              March 1st - 13th  2017

Collective exhibition, X, Rivoli center, Paris, France                                                                February 13th - 27th  2017

Collective exhibition, COSMIC collective, Songe éternel d'un esprit endormi, Neuilly-Plaisance, France

                                                                                                                                  February 2nd - 12th 2017

Collective exhibition The Light and the Heavy, D'Clinic Studio, Zalaegerszeg, Hungary                                   Nov 5th 2016

Collective exhibition Inteam, Savaria Múzeum, Szombathelyi, Hungary                                       Oct 21th - Nov 20th 2016

Collective exhibition Group Show of Runner Up Winners, Greenpoint gallery, New York, USA                       April 15th 2016

Collective exhibition, Obsolescere, Barney Building Gallery, New York, USA                                    March 9th - 20th 2016

Collective exhibition Free the art, Living Gallery, New York City, USA                                                   February 1st 2016

Collective exhibition, Loritmoto Gallery, New York City, USA                                                  Nov 28th - Dec 20th  2015

Mapping projection during LDLF concert, La Nef, Angoulême, France                                                              April 2014





Residency at Xom Bac Cau art center, Hanoi, Vietnam.                                                            March 1st - May 1st 2019
Residency at The Pink Flamingo, Neuilly-Plaisance, France.                                                                             July 2018

Residency at Sydney Art Space, Sydney, Australia                                                                     April 1st - June 1st 2017

Mixer residency at D’Clinic, Zalaegerszeg, Hungary                                                             Oct 10th - Nov 10th  2016





                       - Festival CosmiX, Le Carton, Montreuil, France                                                            April 11th 2021
 - Soirée CosmiX III, 59 Rivoli, Paris, France                                                          November 29th 2019
Something behind the light, a history of a disturbed Knowledge of my own memory

                       - CosmiX II, Hanoi, Vietnam.                                                                                   April 26th 2019

                       - CosmiX I, Paris, France                                                                                  December 20th 2018

                       - Trashxploitation festival, Paris, France                                                                  October 18th 2018

                       - Trashxploitation festival, Athenes, Greece                                                                 April 14th 2018




The Light and the Heavy, Magali Rifflart-Villeneuve and Sophie Durand, D’Clinic, Zalaegerszeg, 2016

Le Livre du Spirituel Dissocié, Magali Rifflart-Villeneuve, EESI, Angoulême, 2015


Post-Blank, " Post-porn", Mad Gleam Press, Paris / New York, 2018.

A5 Magazine, edition of june, London, 2017.

Post -Blank, "Post-Mortem", Mad Gleam Press, Paris / New York, 2017.

Le Fanzine de l’art déviant, Azelle Huguet, Paris, 2016.

La fin du Nil, Pakito Bolino, Comics festival, Angoulême, 2013.






Sorbonne Panthéon Paris 1 University                                                                                                             2017

Master 2 Research of Art and International creation, MFA degree 


New York University, Steindhardt, New York City, USA                                                                                       2016

Studio Art major, MFA level


European School of Visual Arts at Angoulême                                                                                                   2015

DNSEP  : five year degree course specialized in visual arts                            


European School of Visual Arts at Angoulême                                                                                                   2013

DNAP  : three year degree course specialized in visual arts and comic strip


Art School of Bayonne                                                                                                                       2009/2010

Preparatory class for the entrance to the Grandes Ecoles in Art


Marie Curie high school at Tarbes                                                                                                        2007/2009

High school diploma, in literature (A level)


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